Opposite Worlds


Chase Masters

Ad Campaign | 2016

“Was it a hard place to get to?”

This commercial gives the story behind a photograph I took of a jagged mountain landscape. Throughout my career I have been committed to getting the best shot, no matter what it takes. For this spot, I wanted to create an authentic and visceral experience of the mountains that’s juxtaposed with a scene in a gallery. I focused on the simple hardships of my work, like getting showered with falling snow and having to take a photo with freezing bare hands. My creative drive has continually pushed me through these kinds of hardships. Many people would find them unpleasant or even unimaginable, but I treasure the process of getting to the places I shoot as much as I love taking the shots. This commercial is an attempt to say all of that in 30 seconds.

Director/Photographer Jimmy Chin
Talent Jimmy Chin
Project Type Ad Campaign
Agency Droga5

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