Ad Campaign | 2020

Jimmy Chin’s partnership with Panerai watches is built on a shared appreciation for craft, design, adventure and, as explored in their first ever creative collaboration, an ever present awareness of time. The short film, conceived of by Chin with creative and production support from Stept Studios, gives a glimpse of the photographer / filmmaker at a moment in his career as challenging as it is exciting. Coming off of a career-defining Oscar win for Free Solo, Chin relishes the rare opportunity to get home to Jackson and into the Teton mountains. And as we see Jimmy take his Submersible BMG-TECH watch on a training climb, we explore the themes of time and urgency as it pertains to Jimmy’s career.

The film was shared via a targeted social media and PR campaign, as well as through private customer events, and housed on a custom microsite on the Panerai website.

Project Panerai
Production Stept

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