The Line


The Line

A Hello + Company Picture | 2017

I first met Tatum Monod and her father, Pedro, on a big mountain backcountry ski shoot. Tatum had an easy smile and carried herself with cool-calm confidence as she ripped turns on some of the mountain’s biggest lines. She carried the same strength of character and poise off the mountain. I had just had a daughter of my own and remember thinking “wow, I hope I can raise a kid like that. Someone did a great job…”. It was evident from Tatum’s relationship with her father that a deep, down-to-earth ethos ran in this family. Pedro won’t take credit for it, but it was obvious that he had instilled some incredible character in Tatum both at home and from the many hours spent on the slopes and by the river.

Talent Tatum Monod
Pedro Monod
Director Jimmy Chin
Co-Director Anne Devereux
Executive Producers Chris Murphy
Aimee Tetreault
Landon Basset
Brandon Baker
Director of Photography Logan Schneider
Editor Cole Amundson
Location Sound Brian Whitlock
Sound Mixing Michael Suarez
Colorist Michael Kellogg

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