Jimmy Chin

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Jimmy lives a life of art and adventure, combining a career as a photographer, documentary filmmaker and a highly accomplished mountain athlete. He is one of the most sought-after and recognized adventure sports photographers and filmmakers working today.

As a Speaker, Jimmy has lent his story and experience to a variety of audiences, addressing global tech leaders, financial institutions, non-profits and creative agencies. His talks take you on his own personal journey from a young kid in Minnesota who was drawn to the mountains to a world-class climber and filmmaker.  Leveraging his own breathtaking photography and film work, he relays the many hard-earned lessons he’s learned navigating the world’s most challenging climbs, and sharing the stories of other accomplished adventurers.

Speaking Topics

Leadership + Teamwork

Risk Management


Exploration + Adventure

Jimmy has always been able to inspire through his work, but we were thrilled to see his talent for storytelling translate effortlessly to captivating the room as a speaker.

- Microsoft

The Power of Empathy

Virtual engagement for Brightcove PlayTV

Through virtual engagements, Jimmy continues to share his perspective with teams around the globe via live, interactive events.

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